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Welcome to Bowman's Do It Best Hardware.  Come in and look around and see how a 4th generation business that began in the 1860's has grown and changed, but still conveys the charm and character that began so long ago.  You once were able to buy live chickens, groceries, bolts of fabric, harness and corset stays.  Today we are a full service hardware store.

Our present building was built in 1924, just after the Franklin fire.  We still have the old walls and wooden floor, but there is nothing old fashioned about our service and products that you will find here. 

What is the most sought after product you seek??  No doubt CUSTOMER SERVICE ranks close to the top of your list.  Need help installing a well pump and pressure tank, plumbing a house, or putting in an electrical service?  With a full of plumbing, paint, hardware, appliance and heating stove sales & service....We have the expertise to help you plan your job and make sure you have all of the required parts to complete the job!


Mr. & Mrs. T. Jeff Bowman III

In Loving Tribute

T. Jeff Bowman III, b. August 1, 1924 - d. March 28, 2015


Dorothy Lambert Bowman, b. January 27, 1920

For their tireless devotion to family, community and business.

For keeping the flame burning.

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